"In Sabine Hasickas work, there is none of that slickness that commonly reduces tapdance to a show act. Her movements stem from inner poise, she dances and hurls, stamps, taps and drafts her feet, faster than the eye can follow- at times, it's all but impossible to tell where all those sounds emanate. She seems to move freely on the music." (Undine Zimmer, Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten 2011)

Sabine ranks about contemporary tap´s most intriguing artists. She has incorporated a number of folkloric and contemporary idioms into her special blend of rhythm tap, ranging from argentine tango, bebop, contemporary chamber music to Italian and Persian Folk music. In interaction with artists of various fields and cultures, be it with a jazz trio, a classical string quartet, even with cembalo and recorder, or in intimate duo settings with guitars, singers and poets, Sabine has crossed musical borders and ventured into the unchartered grounds in-between composition and improvisation, dance and music. With shoes that sometimes feature metal taps, sometimes wooden taps, Sabine Hasicka has transformed herself into a moving body of music, sometimes stomping, sometimes flying.

Sabine has been dubbed "a living drumset" (Radio Saarbrücken) with "stunningly airy grooves" (Salzburger Volkszeitung) and "steps of virtuosity and magic" (Gazzetta di Parma), or as the Austrian magazine tanzaffiche put it: "finest rhythm tap"